Jason (atanas) wrote,

Ja Sam Bas Siromahan!

dude, i just found out that all my earthly assets have been unwittingly liquidated and are in repose in a little cabinet in my squalid cubicle in my squalid serbian student dorm. if only i could find someone willing to harbor an american in his/her basement. i read in the newspaper that someone's looking for volunteers to staff a kitchen for poor novisadians, and i'd totally work 20 hour days in a serbian soupkitchen, subjected to relentless physical and verbal abuse, if at the end of the day they'd let me sleep on a pile of old newspapers in the corner and occasionally give me a half-consumed bottle of rakija or Cockta. but on a slightly less serious note, i wonder what i'll do when i return to the states as poor as a witch's tit.
my cohort gina wants to go to croatia and watch a soccer game. this seems an awful plan, especially since marija isn't coming along and so the sole responsibility for keeping things undepressing falls upon my shoulders. oh well, i'll just drink a lot and insult croatian football players. i always knew i'd make such a sweet and tender soccer hooligan if 'the man' would only give me a fair chance.
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