Jason (atanas) wrote,

Third world countries

maria and i had an intriguing discussion today about the distinction between third and second world countries. apparently, a third world country is distinguished by people being afflicted by easily curable diseases, by light and water ceasing to function at random, and unstable currency. given all that, and add onto it that belgrade is regularly afflicted by flash floods in mid summer because there's no drainage system so within 20 seconds of rainfall you have to slosh through 8 inches of rainwater, serbia truly is my favorite third world country (the ivory coast sulks in a corner.)
i was on tv yesterday for like the 30th time. i made an ass of myself, saying 'i love ceca!' and the cameraman just shook his head in utter disgust. i think i did a better job though in the newspaper interview i gave to someone from 'politika.' and not like i'm bragging here, because no one will ever read this livejournal much less know what the fuck 'politika' is, but it's the most prestigious newspaper in serbia. the most prestigiuos newspaper in serbia interviewing a random 20 year old foreigner and asking him about serbian girls. oh serbia, we belong together.
last night i also witnessed a very impressive performance in the major square that consisted of a robot dancing slowly to popular truba music, before he was consumed in flames and collapsed on the ground. why not?
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