Jason (atanas) wrote,

From my Big Pig Pin in the Sky

While alternating rapidly between three modes of listening to folk music from former jugoslavia, drinking spuriously purchased safeway soda, and contemplating smoking quality-produced mint-infused nat sherman cigarettes, it hit me that there is an unbridled buffalo stampede of addictions i've erected in my life. this is all the more distressing because i can find lyrical expression of such a sentiment in one verse of a belle and sebastian song (I guess i would take pictures of my addiction, though i fancy that taking pictures of all the cups of coffee i absorb through my single-cell membrade in the course of 24 hours alone would waste a lot of time and anyways end up on the wayside next to pictures like the now famous image of someone posing with a "no sexy? no party!" beglittered shirt in a serbian flea mart.)
i'm pretty certain there was some digression there. anywho, like an increasingly real boy i've had to sort of shave from time in the course of the last year (though i've yet to even use up the original can of shaving cream jamie and i bought at a 99 cent market in the mission), have actually for the first time actually been under conditions of highly-taxing workful days (though my backwards primitive mentality and slouching body type only permit me to accomplish in a fortnight what ordinary man accomplish in one of your 'working days), and most impressively and involuntarily am being thrust out of the citadel of my tender teens (characterized most powerfully in the bidding farewell to blessed but oh-so-costly Teen Spirit deodorant). for my birthday i'll have to purge myself of these damnable cigarettes and spread the proceeds as thinly as i can in order to get all the clothes newly deported from the free pile to my room properly washed. i guess i'm just mentioning it so that if i get attacked by rats while disconsolately sweeping the floor of the USCA central kitchen or assaulted by the bees who have been ominously appearing in my bed, we can get in the newspaper by telling the story of how i had ambitiously sought to rid myself of my bad habits in a few weeks only to end up contracting a new addiction in the hospital like sugar-water or fruit-flavoured Tums. geez, that's enough of that.
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