Jason (atanas) wrote,

survey says that whereas beograd most definitely rules, satellite images received from the hubble space telescope prove that london drools. it's impossible to pin down, but after emerging from victoria station (my ancestral homeless hangout) and walking for a block, i paused with horror and realized that i fucking hated that town. i was mildly irritated that the dudes working in the left luggage department were, as usual, african immigrants with commanding but idle white supervisors. then i saw the headlines about homeless gangs ransacking shops on the west end, and if i'd still had any money to my name, i would have bought some rifles and raised a partisan army tito style. too bad serbia's government is ironically the least nationalist government in the balkans nowadays, or else it might be able to resist the tightening noose of foreign encroachment. i can only pray that the inclusion of poland and the czech republic to the european union will plunge it into economic chaos, devaluing the euro and forcing the prevalence of the eu to decline in the balkans. and everyone knows that the only things serbians can afford to buy are cigarettes and fruit-brandies and second-hand clothes from germany, so it's not like america could try convincing the people of the balkans that they are in dire need of top-secret orthodontic technology or liz taylor's diamonds.
on the plus side, i did overcome my apprehension towards sleeping on the street and met some drunken brits to whom i spoke, or rather tried to understand, for an hour when i woke up. but they still couldn't have held a cigarette up to paranoid elderly woman i met in front of the beograd train station at 2 in the morning.
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