Jason (atanas) wrote,

I know everyone here earns 1/1000 of what i make a month, but come on

unlike serbia, which is a little better off, bosnia has crossed that threshold wherein everyone tries and in fact succeeds in stealing from you. from the taxi driver who demanded four times the fare, to whatever inventive mind stole my fifty euro note and the mildly valuable bus ticket next to it. that pickpocket deserves special recognition because he/she got skills: id anticipated that someone would probably make a grab for my last bit of real money on earth, so id cleverly hid it among a heap of worthless dinar notes. but voila, they somehow managed to sort through it and leave me all those dinars to buy a coffee with when i get back to beograd. i am just irritated because in serbia the level of trust is infinitely higher: you leave your bags at the entrance of stores, you leave your bags on the beach when you go swimming for an hour, people chase you down the street to return the 10 dinar note you dropped that couldnt buy a pack of gum even in serbia. im also irritated because i wouldnt have ended up with a fucking fifty euro note, which i knew from the get go would probably be stolen or lost, if i hadnt taken everyone's advice to cash my travelers checks before going to sarajevo.
even though i am no where near proficiency in the serbian ekavian variant of serbo-croatian, i felt pretty comfortable trying to speak to people there. in bosnia they speak the ijekavian variant of serbo-croatian, which in a nutshell amounts to adding a j everywhere there's an e in serbian. it's such a little difference, but it's infuriating. i'm experiencing deep linguistic alienation in a language i can't even speak. maybe adding ekavian subtitles to ijekavian movies for serbian audiences wasn't such a bad idea after all.
i just want to go home and cry and want to die. because at least then i don't have to wonder what i can pawn in order to buy a bus ticket to the airport.
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