Jason (atanas) wrote,

Some kind of confession

Looks like any souvenir obtaining is cancelled. my bag is already full, since i was stocking up on clothes since i don't think i'll be able to find a place to stay for the next week and i'm sure as hell not getting anything washed between here and san francisco. on the plus side, i did get two matching german t-shirts so people can take turns being my identical twin.
last night was my friend gina's last evening in novi sad, and as we went back to the student dorm, she saw some sign saying novi sad in cyrillic and exclaimed "how i'll miss you, hobn kad!" this was amusing to me. oh, this trip was a motley assortment of such tiny amusing episodes, none amusing to anyone outside of the little universe of jugoslavija, and probably not even amusing to anyone outside of the infinitisimally tiny microcosm of Team Arizona. now our imposing four has dwindled down to two, and in a few hours i will seek my fortune or lack thereof in sarajevo. if i may totally be a fucking nerd for a second, like i've been for the past 19 years, sarajevo derives from a turkish word for a resting place for caravans. it is only fitting that my final vikend in the balkans be spent sleeping somewhere in a park on the outskirts of that town, where overpaid nato peacekeepers dispose of used-condoms from their trists with local underage prostitutes nearby.
great god in heaven, i know this is cheesy, but this was not a learning experience, but a life experience. astro.com was deadly accurate in its assessment of the overall positive effects of a trip to the balkans. for the first time in my life, i find there's not only something i can sort of do competently, but that i enjoy. actually two things, if you include the fact that i can drink everyone around here under the table. on top of containing the wildfire of the serbo-croatian language, who would have ever thought jason would make sexy friends from arizona? sexy friends who are getting majors in economics, and will probably one day be wildly successful and who will take pity on jason and let him sleep in their trash cans? oh, if only my parents were alive to see this, instead of having been replaced by gigantic funguses that send a lot of voicemail messages and tell me incredibly boring stories about palm trees.
now i have some direction in my life, if you would like to call it that. in another week when my confidence is shattered by the fact that other people speak serbian and certainly polish better than i do, i will edit all of this and replace it with a textual remix of my favouritest morrissey songs, but until then let me bask in the tender heat-lamp of jugostalgia.
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