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Hoy Como Manana, Manana Como Ayer

I Siempre Igual!

6 October
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Carved from the finest hickory oak lumber felled in the forests of Bavaria, each Jason is lovingly handcrafted by master artisans with reassuringly puffy white beards and pince nezes (look it up) and is guaranteed to rise in value over the next fifty years. Lately, Jason's been living in a pretty darned white bread world, emulating an uptown girl insofar as such a thing is possible for someone who's never even had a downtown guy. although the experts are far from a consensus on the topic, several prominenet marine biologists have come forth to agree that jason's mom never even told him why. Jason's current career aspiration is to replace this biography with something non-irritating, possibly even mildly amusing.
accordions, alex, alex naked, amor i pedagogia, armenia, belle and sebastian, catholicism, coffee, croatian, cyrillic, gentle strength, kretek international, krleza, lots of bands, morrissey, morrissey clothed, my precious little roombud, past participles, serbian, slavic studies, srpskihrvatskibosnanskislovenacki, stokavian-ekavian dialect, the colma bart station, the smiths, tito, unamuno