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Novi Sad--sad 'cuz you're not here to share it with me

I was rather firm on the point of not going on the damn fangled internet in srbija, but my classmates and i went for dinner and 75 cent milkshakes and now we're at an internet place, and i'm 600 kilometers away from home and i don't want to walk by myself, so i says hell i'll post something here.
today we went in the danube river. yes, the mighty danube, the mighty danube into which people dump their trash from poland down to hungary. and now i'm swimming in it, and in fact smearing myself with mud from its bottom because someone else was doing it. it was so precious. i asked some guy to take a picture of team ASU in front of this inexcusably picturesque landscape, and he responded that he was really in a hurry to go swimming and went ahead a few feet and stood in the water. so i slashed his tires. at least i hope i got his tires, because i must have spent three hours slashing all the car tires within a two kilometer radius.
of course i love novi sad, but the ultimate goal of my sojourn is a triumphant reentry into the white city, and if the airport murals are to be believed, the city of love, sports, and comedy, o sweet beograd! i can't wait to wander around beograd trying to perform some boring task while screaming at the top of my voice the lyrics to 'April u Beogradu.' and smoking too, what with domestic cigarettes going for 50 cents a pack. but novi sad has more than its fair share--most would say unfair share--of old world charm. despite the police force's tradition of semi-brutality, every square centimeter of the city is drowned in grafiti, ranging from political declarations like "Patriotism is a Sickness" to "Beastie Boys." outside of the city center, all the living spaces are prime examples of hulking stalinist architecture. you don't even have to specifically request it--they automatically choose for you a bad-ass sweet cubby hole within a thirty-story concrete slab in which to live.
the most exciting prospect in my future is a trip on friday to a karaoke bar. i'll keep everyone posted on the results, but i know that as soon as i fortify myself with a few hundred dinars of sljivovica and they play the introduction to 'i saw tito three times,' then we'll see what's what.
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